Commercial Structured Cabling in Winnipeg

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Over the past several years, ACON Electric LTD. has earned our impeccable reputation for delivering innovative commercial structured cabling resources to companies of all sizes. From engineering multi-level and multi-location infrastructure, all the way down to simply re-arranging workstations and performing regular audits—we provide a full suite of structured cabling solutions you can count on to be efficient for years to come.

Tangled cords and over loaded wire balls are major hazards that could mean your business is in violation of provincial electrical codes which puts your clients, staff, and investment as a whole, at great risk. Don’t take chances on aging infrastructure when your bottom line relies on working data, security, telecommunications and the internet. Consult with us for free to undergo a full assessment to discover affordable ways to protect and streamline cable systems of any kind.

Innovative Data Center Structured Cabling Design

Your business is a unique entity that requires the expertise of a licensed professional who has years of experience trouble-shooting design challenges and uncovering opportunities to eliminate redundancies and boost productivity. While there are several network cabling companies in town, we differentiate ourselves from the rest by refining the consultation process to make sure we have a full picture of the work, products, and timeline it will require to get the job done right. Data center structured cabling design is most efficient when it is scalable and can support the demands you will put on it now—and in the future. Our open communication process allows us to engineer low-cost network cabling solutions that put your needs and best interests first— without crushing your budget.

Advanced Network Cabling Solutions

As some of the top recommended data cabling contractors in the province, we are proud to guarantee each product and service we provide. When you need network cabling solutions fast, we are here for you with a wide range of resources and trained crews who can troubleshoot and repair structured cabling problems of any type. Here is a short list of some our most requested structured data cabling offerings:

  • Telecommunications and data cable systems repair, design, install and maintenance
  • Structured cabling components
  • Standard copper wiring
  • Scalability exploration for network upgrades
  • Mechanical jointing
  • IT security
  • IT network installs
  • Fusion splicing
  • Fiber op
  • Copper wire upgrades
  • External cabling
  • Ethernet cables
  • End to end testing
  • Data center planning
  • Wireless internet
  • Audits

Exceptional Quality Craftsmanship on All Network Cable Installation

When it comes to the wiring the powers your critical systems, you can’t afford to cut corners on quality. To keep all wiring performing to code, (and so that network cable installation goes off without a hitch) careful consideration must go into the design and sustainability of the system before any physical work can begin. Once you’ve approved your quote and design plans, your cable installation start and finish dates will be set and honored. We arrive with all the high-quality products, tools and advanced technical machinery we need to complete the job to your high standards.

Book an appointment to consult with our commercial structured cabling team today. We look forward to helping you discover the forward-thinking cable solutions that are a perfect fit for you.