Landscape Lighting in Winnipeg

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The impression the exterior of your business leaves with your clients is just as important as what they see when they step inside. ACON Electric LTD. is this province’s premier resource for low cost landscape lighting and installations. We are committed to matching your outdoor spaces with the lighting and atmosphere that you desire— all while keeping your budget intact. We are the landscape electricians with years of local experience providing cost-savings, and innovative energy and light dispersing solutions to business in a variety of industries like:

  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail spaces
  • Medical facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial buildings
  • Institutions
  • Government spaces
  • Recreational facilities
  • Parks
  • New builds
  • Shopping centers
  • Warehouses
  • Dental offices
  • Factories

Reputable Landscape Lighting Electricians - A Full Suite of Commercial Services

With many years of experience, licensing, insurance and safety qualification under our belts, we are proud to be among the top landscape lighting electricians in the province. Here are some of our most popular commercial services:

  • Installing garden lights
  • Outdoor pathway lighting
  • Path lights
  • Accent lights
  • Deck and patio lighting
  • Outdoor walls and ceiling lights
  • Water lights
  • Inground lighting
  • Lighting for columns and posts
  • Landscape lighting transformers
  • Flood lighting
  • Exterior safety lights

Benefits of Commercial Landscape Lighting

Set the mood you want and keep the outside of your building well lit and secure with the addition of lighting anywhere you desire. The top benefits of commercial landscape lighting are:


Eliminating dark areas and shadows mean there are a reduced number of inviting areas for potential intruders or threats to lurk or take cover in.


Strategically placed outdoor lighting means your clients and employees will never have to fumble around in the dark trying to find keys or locate their car once they have left the building. Additionally, stairways, curbs, and fall hazards will be much easier to navigate if they are properly lit.


The way you use your space doesn’t have to depend on the rising and setting of the sun. Bring your company into the future and get the most out of your outdoor space after the sun goes down.


Incorporating your commercial outdoor lighting fixtures in with your décor allows you to add visual depth and appeal to any space. Sit down with our commercial exterior lighting engineers to discuss ways to save time and energy while bringing your vision to life.

With Our Landscape Lighting Design Team – Anything is Possible!

From basic outdoor lighting to commercial lighting that is designed to draw the eye and leave an impression, we’ve got the skills and depth of experience to design and install the landscape lighting you need. Sit down with us for a free, in-depth consultation at your convenience.

Is LED Landscape Lighting Right for My Business? 

LED landscape lighting uses a very low voltage to produce the same amount of light as illuminating the same space with regular incandescent bulbs. This saves you a significant amount of money over time, and eliminates the need to have burned out light bulbs changed frequently. Your business will benefit from switching to LED landscape lighting immediately—here’s how:

  • Commercial LED lighting gives off significantly less heat than older technology.
  • LED lights last a long time —10+ years!
  • LED bulbs are 100% recyclable and do not contain toxic materials.
  • LED lighting comes in a variety of warm new tones for you to choose from.
  • Superior for spot lighting, task lights, and directional lighting.

Call us now to request an appointment to speak to our landscape lighting specialists about your upcoming project.