Lighting Installations in Winnipeg

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Create the perfect setting without breaking the bank when you partner with ACON Electric LTD. for any type of lighting installations. We specialize in customizing forward thinking designs and energy savings that add value, beauty, and safety to your investment for years to come. We are more than just your average commercial lighting company. Our design and engineering team are extremely familiar with local building regulations and safety protocol which allows you to move forward with your plans and meet tight deadlines quickly. We are proud to guarantee:

  • Low rates and upfront quotes.
  • Reliable start and finish dates that never suddenly change.
  • High-quality craftsmanship.
  • Attention to safety at all times.
  • Fast turnaround times.
  • Actionable design plans based on the unique specifications of your premises.
  • High-tech equipment and advanced training.
  • Licensing, bonding and insurance.

Working With a Commercial Lighting Contractor Eliminates Stress and Unnecessary Expense

A solid commercial lighting contractor with a longstanding reputation for intuitive design goes a long way to gaining and maintaining your long-term confidence and comfort. Each of our electrical contractors has been hand-selected, as has undergone vigorous training to become a certified electrician with up to date qualifications.  We guarantee every light installation service we provide.

You’ll never have to wonder when our crews are going to show up for work, or appointments we have scheduled with you. Our exceptional project management skills and large fleet of well-maintained equipment and work vehicles are a testament to our commitment to you. We can help with:

  • Designing energy management systems and indoor and exterior lighting to any taste.
  • Reducing energy expenses with newer technology.
  • Installing can lights.
  • Install ceiling lights.
  • Wiring recessed lights.
  • Ceiling fan installation.
  • Custom lighting installation.
  • Industrial outdoor lighting.
  • Safety lights.
  • Sign illumination.
  • Sensors
  • Lighting controls.

Leaders in Top Quality Led Commercial Light Fixtures

Significant advances in todays technology have produced Led commercial light fixtures that cost a small fraction of the price of your regular bulbs to create the same amount of light. Cut power expenses while providing a superior light that reduces stain on the eyes and comes in a palate of new warm tones you’ll love. Fixtures come in a wide variety of affordable styles to suit any taste. Speak to our lighting contractors to get started on making your dreams a reality, today.

Meticulous and Affordable Commercial LED Lighting Installers

All local electricians are not cut from the same cloth. We have perfected the installation process and are among the top commercial LED lighting installers in the province. When correctly wired, LEDs can last for ten years—or more!

Installing Light Fixture Tips 

You don’t want clients who walk into your business to notice the lighting whether it be from having to squint their eyes to avoid lights that are too bright, flickering or burnt out bulbs, or from hearing loud buzzing noises that are associated with older or degrading technology. Here are some installing light fixture pointers from our design and engineering team:

  • Use LEDs or new energy saving bulbs to reduce your annual power consumption and expense.
  • Install motion sensors to eliminate waste where possible.
  • Fixture style can make a big difference — choose wisely, we’ll help you explore your options.
  • If you are installing new bulbs, make sure the fixtures can support the required wattage.

Selecting the right lighting is easy when you work with the experts in local lighting installations. Call us right now to set up an appointment for a free consultation.