Alarm Systems Services in Winnipeg

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Alarm System Installation for Your Commercial Business

When it comes to commercial alarm systems, access control and structured cabling, We protect your business from burglary, theft, intrusion and vandalism. During an intrusion, a signal activates all elements of the system and transmits the information to the alarm center. This means less potential damage for you, and more safety and security for yourself, your employees and your customers.

Personalized Alarm System Service

At ACON Electric LTD., we have many different options available to our commercial and industrial clients. Our goal is to find the perfect solution for our clients’ needs and budget. We can tailor your alarm system service in a variety of ways; for example, wireless systems allow you to manage access to your business and check the safety of your staff at the touch of your smart device. Our IP cameras, access controls and electrical installation and lighting services are state-of-the-art and won’t let you down. We are a wise alarm system service to protect your business and inventory. To discuss your security project and commercial alarm system installation, contact us now!

ACON Electric LTD.’s Security Installation Specialists

An alarm system for your home or business will keep burglars away and protect your belongings in the event of theft or fire. During an intrusion, a signal is sent to the main control monitoring system and help is sent immediately. It should be noted that our alarm systems can be connected to several other features; including access control which further increases your level of protection.

Electronic access control is an essential part of your safety and your security. Be aware of the happenings and activity in your business while you are not present. This will protect your business and your employees from intruders; in addition, restricted access may be provided in time and place for suppliers. You even have the option to remotely check in and out of your business if you forget to set the alarm on-site. Why not take advantage of today’s modern advancements in security?

Modern Alarm System Specialists

At ACON Electric LTD. we offer reliable devices for added security! Choose surveillance with IP cameras to integrate the flexibility of technology into your business security without having to be on premises. IP cameras allow homeowners and businesses to view their cameras from any Internet connection via a computer or mobile device. You can quickly and easily view the rooms of your business that interest you. It is also possible to record the data and consult the camera footage hours after.

To learn more about the alarm system options available to you, contact our specialists today! The longer you wait, the more you put your business at risk—so, don’t wait any longer. We’ll provide you with a thorough consultation and free, no obligation, quote for your records. We can’t wait to secure your business so that you can be as profitable as possible!